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Talent Selection - A Critical Leadership Challenge

Getting the right person in the right job is what drives your business success, while having the wrong person in a key job has many costs to an organization. Every key role or job has a number of complex needs that might be difficult to pinpoint.

Needs may include

• Key accountabilities that require certain hard skills.
• Motivation that fits the culture and rewards the role.
• Behaviors that match the work environment.
• Personal skills that can make or break the job's success.

Effective talent management/talent selection must make the needs of the job the top priority. How do you find the best match for all these complex needs, especially the personal skill needs that are so critical to the role's success? How do you determine what all the needs are for a particular job?


The Breakthrough Solution

Enlightened Leadership Solutions and our partners have combined the best tools, practices and processes in the industry to provide a simple Talent Selection & Development system that dramatically enhances your ability to place the right person in the right job and then continue to develop them in that role or toward other roles. The basis for this capability is the TriMetrix(R) System.

Key benefits of our process:

• Establishes a clear Job Benchmark, or Model, that includes critical accountabilities, motivation, behaviors and personal skills needed for the job.
• Measures quickly and reliably the critical talents of each candidate based on the job benchmark, including the personal skills that so often determine success or failure in a key role.
• Simplifies the selection process by direct comparison of the Job Model and the Candidate Capabilities.
• Provides specific, focused behavorial questions that greatly simplifies the interview part of talent selection.
• Provides clear development opportunities for a selected candidate or current employees based on the needs of their role.
• Process can be easily tied to future performance expectation and evaluations.
• Ties directly to Enlightened Leadership development tools and training modules.
• All tools and processes are easily transferred for sustainability without long-term dependency on Enlightened Leadership Solutions.
• Offers the highest validity and reliability of assessment instruments available


FREE Limited Time OFFER to Experience the Value of Our Candidate Assessment: (U.S. companies only - sorry)

If you are currently in the process of hiring for a key position, experience the added-value of having the final candidates take a 30 minute online assessment. The resulting reports and telephone debrief with your hiring manager from an Enlightened Leadership Solutions' consultant will provide you information about the candidates you are not likely to get any other way.


We charge $295 per candidate for this service every day. It is available for you to experience FREE of CHARGE for a limited time.

Contact us now to set up your free candidate assessments or discuss your situation. Use any of the following four ways to contact us:

1. Call us at 303-729-0540, Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time
2. Contact us via email.
3. Fax: 303-689-7666

Enhance your talent selection today!




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